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Scala Question

How to stop Intellij from creating src/main/java and src/main/scala-x folders?

I have a SBT project in Intellij 15.0.2 for scala only programming.

For some reason, the project keeps creating the following folders in my project:

  • src/main/java

  • src/main/scala-2.10

  • src/main/scala-2.11

  • src/test/java

  • src/test/scala-2.10

  • src/test/scala-2.11

I have attempted to remove them by unchecking them as "Sources" or "Tests" in my Project Structure and then deleting the folders. But they are immediately re-created by Intellij ...

Answer Source

You can disable this while creating/importing sbt project (there is a suitable checkbox).

If project is already created, you can go to

Settings |> Build, Execution, Deployment |> Build Tools |> SBT

and uncheck Create directores for empty content roots automatically

This option is kind of usefull if you are starting a new project as it will create directories for you, but after this I suggest to disable this option and keep only directories you want, otherways directories will be generated each time you build/refresh project.

See picture:

enter image description here

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