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Android Question

Can't delete Launcher2.apk even on a Rooted Android

I successfully rooted my device and I'm trying to remove Launcher2.apk

Every tool I have tried (both on the device, and using ADB from my PC) says it is deleted successfully yet it still exists!

Yes, I know, why would you want to do that. Well I want to set up our devices to have only our launcher. I know you can set the default but this gets reset every time the app is automatically updated and we can't have that.



This is because you are trying to delete a file from a folder which don't have Write permission. You have to use Root Explorer application in your device and change folders permission. For this you have to do this :

.>> Now go inside of your desire folder.

.>> Now press Mount R/W button at the top of folder list.

.>> Now you will be able to delete your file;