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Why scroll top is needed after action submit for Struts2

Why screen scrolls down when page is rendered by struts2 action (Context: response from the server, equivalent jsp page rendered from sturts action).

This question has a reference to question asked here.

Here the solution given is to use this function


However, for me the generated html page has lot of top level div which cannot be picked as explained above. I am left with this option to scroll to the top of the page (scroll top) after the page gets rendered. I just want to get rid of both, is there anyway to stop doing that and fix the same in the struts2 action/configuration itself ? I am preferably looking for a struts2 fix for this.

Answer Source

If you perform a standard submit, and you land in the middle of the page, it means that in your URL you have something like:

, where #someID tells the browser to look for an object with id="someID" and scroll to it.

This mechanism can be originated

  • server side, by returning an URL with the fragment at the end, or
  • client side, with a javascript block executed on document ready, most likely through the usage of HTML5 replaceState() / pushState() APIs...

The cleanest solution is to remove this unwanted behavior at the source but, if for some reason you can't, you can do it client side like follows:

$(function(){ // On document ready...
    // ... remove all the URL portion following the # 

This will turn



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