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Javascript Question

how to update a Mongo.db collection in meteor.js?

I have a collection that I need to update when the user presses a button.
I just need to change one variable to another.

In the console, this line of code works:

db.users.update({username : "Jack"},{age : 13, username : "Jack"});

But when I put in this code:

'click #updateAge' = function() {
Meteor.users.update({username : "Jack"},{age : 13, username : "Jack"});


into my JavaScript file for Meteor.js, it doesn't do anything at all (I don't get an error message, and I see the alert, but the update just doesn't work).

I've read through the Meteor Documentation on updating, but I just can't seem to get it to work.
Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here?

Answer Source

Found the problem.

Since I defined my database in my lib.js file

users = new Meteor.collection("users");

I don't need to put a db in front of the db.users.update({_id : "Jack"},{bla bla bla}). I also need to find the document using the given mongo _id, not the identifier "username".

so the appropriate code would be

users.update({_id : "Jack"},{$set:{age : 13, username : "Jack"}});
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