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R Question

R notebook inline latex output

I have a simple LaTex code in my R notebook as


When I hover on the code, I see the output and also when I knit to HTML. However, how do I see the rendered output within the .RMD file?

I know this can be done because once I accidentally hit something on the keyboard and I was able to see the rendered LaTeX output within the .RMD file itself. I just do not know what I hit and I am not able to reproduce that behavior. I was not able to find in documentation as well.

Answer Source

Display equations (surrounded with $$) preview as a chunk result rather than a popup, as inline equations ($) do.


However, note that $$ will print the math in its own paragraph/div while $ produces inline output. AFAIK, there is no way to have inline equations preview without hovering over them.

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