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dump a message inside a queue in MQ (Linux)

I want to dump a message from a queue in WebSphere MQ which is installed on a linux machine. How could I check messages inside queues with

authorized user? I have already checked inside
and I found some MQ commands like
and etc. But I can't find a command for dumping messages inside queues.

EDIT- I am using WebSphere MQ v.7.1

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A quick way to view messages on the queue if they are not too large in size is the amqsbcg sample program.

amqsbcg QUEUENAME QMGRNAME > output.file

This sample program can be found in
AIX/Unix: $MQ_HOME/samp/bin/amqsbcg
Windows: $MQ_HOME\tools\c\Samples\Bin\amqsbcg.exe

Where $MQ_HOME is the appropriate location for your operation system. The default location for $MQ_HOME is:

AIX: /usr/mqm
Unix: /opt/mqm
Windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere MQ

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