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Python Question

Python looping range vs looping array

for i in range(-1, 2):


for i in [-1, 0, 1]:

What is best? I assume second option has better readability? Which is faster?


  1. I always use python3

  2. Yeah I noticed the "Which is faster?" questions is dumb in a way. Woudn't manually type a long enough list to notice a difference by hand.

Answer Source

Using range() is technically a bit slower than just typing out the list as the range() function has to create a list and that takes ~0.012 seconds.

Using range() took ~0.045 seconds.
Using a list with the same amount of characters took ~0.033 seconds.

I do recommend that you use range() as it is much easier and the small difference of ~0.012 seconds is not worth it.

I hope this helped!

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