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Laravel Fluent Queries - How do i perform a 'SELECT AS' using Fluent?

I am quite new to Laravel and Fluent queries.
I have a query to select all the rows from the hire table and display them in a random order.


I now want to be able to do is put

concat(SUBSTRING_INDEX(description, " ",25),"...") AS description

into the SELECT part of the query, so that i can select * from the table and a shortened description.

I know this is possible by running a raw query, but i was hoping to be able to do this using Fluent or at least partial Fluent (like above).

Any help or ideas?


Answer Source

You can do this by by adding a DB::raw() to a select array in your fluent query. I tested this locally and it works fine.

        DB::raw('concat(SUBSTRING_INDEX(description, " ",25),"...") AS description'),
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