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Ruby Question

Splitting a hash variable with reduce

When invoking

on an array of hashes, I thought I could split the hash by key and value within the parameters using the () technique. But in this case, it does not appear to work:

columns = [
{"lead"=>["source", 2]},
{"parent"=>["name", 4]}

columns.reduce({}) do |acc, (k,v)|
puts "k #{k} v #{v}"

# k {"lead"=>["source", 2]} v
# k {"parent"=>["name", 4]} v
# => nil

I expected
to be
to be
["source", 2]
. Because columns is an array and not a hash, I cannot do this
to get the key/value pair of hash. Is there another technique I can use in argument list in order to pass the k/v pair rather than having to dissect it in the block?

Answer Source

It happens because the logic behind this parenthesis is basically a parallel assignment, which doesn't work in your case because each item in the collection is a hash. So practically what you can do it convert each item to array instead:

columns = columns.flat_map(&:to_a)


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