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MySQL Question

Looking to complete two equations and use results for final in one query

I am not sure if this can be done in one swoop, but I think it would be nice.
I need to calculate the following




CScore is my ultimate need. But I need to use the data found in one table to give me this results.

I know that this can be done one by one but not advanced enough in my skill set to know if this can be done at once.

Answer Source

I'm hoping this isn't deceptively simple...

I assume that these ranks are columns and not calculated. if so, simple algebraic substitution says that:

CScore = (((ORank*.6)+(CRank*.4))-((BRank*.6)+(ARank*.4)))


SELECT (((ORank*.6)+(CRank*.4))-((BRank*.6)+(ARank*.4))) AS CScore
FROM table...

If the ranks are instead calculated and you don't care about performance, you could do (nasty-looking) subselects or joins.

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