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Firebase FCM notifications click_action payload

I am trying to open a particular activity when the user clicks the notification when the app is in the background. From the Docs, I have got that click_action has to be added in the payload and an intent filter in the App to handle it. But, how to add click_action in the Firebase Notifications via Firebase Console? I am open to any other Work Around too. Thanks in Advance.

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If your app in in background, Firebase will not trigger onMessageReceived(). Why.....? I have no idea. In this situation, I do not see any point in implementing FirebaseMessagingService.

According to docs, if you want to process background message arrival, you have to send 'click_action' with your message. But it is not possible if you send message from Firebase console, only via Firebase API. It means you will have to build your own "console" in order to enable marketing people to use it. So, this makes Firebase console also quite useless!

There is really good, promising, idea behind this new tool, but executed badly.

I suppose we will have to wait for new versions and improvements/fixes!

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