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Gmail signature not working on mailto

When I use Gmail to send an email, the email signature defined in the settings is automatically added at the bottom of the email. However, when I open a mailto link to send a message, the email signature is not automatically added.

Here's the code:

<a href=" for your time&body=Hi,%0A%0AIt%20was%20a%20real%20pleasure%20speaking%20with%20you.%20Thank%20you%20for%20your%20time%20and%20we'll%20be%20in%20touch%20soon." target="_blank">test</a>

And there's a jsFiddle here. What do I need to do to make the email signature appear when I'm sending from a mailto link?

Answer Source

Using body as a parameter in the mailto link replaces everything that is already placed into the email by Gmail. If body is not part of the attribute from mailto, then the signature works as expected.

Source: I tested this with your fiddle by removing the body attribute and clicked the link again. It works just as you want.

I have to add code to submit this answer with a fiddle, so here is the link that will work with a signature:

<a href=" for your time" target="_blank">test</a>
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