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Android Question

What is most simple way to send notification of unexpected events to users of Android application?

For example I expect this kind of situation: data in my application lost relevance and so it usless until update. And until update it have to show users some predefined message.

Is here any simple and free solution to this task?

Guess I can use some server to somehow send simple messages... but it sounds way too complicated.

If this is important I use Xamarin.

Update: main difficulty here is fact - my application can't in any way define if it's outdated or not. This may happen in random moment.

Answer Source

Although the requirement is not very clear I assume Update here means app update.

each time user launches app make call to an api on ur server to check if user needs to update app

If that returns true take user to a static view that says app needs update and redirects user to google play to install updates

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