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Android adb wireless/WIFI debug Operation timed out

I followed steps in this post and tried to connect to my Motorola X Gen 2 for Wifi debugging, on OS X El Cap.

I connected my phone to the laptop with usb cable,
I killed and started server, the server was started successfully, and then in:

./adb devices

I got

List of devices attached
TA44909GA0 device

Then I did

./adb tcpip 5555

And I tried

./adb connect <IP addr of my phone>:5555

both with usb cable connected and disconnected, none of them worked. Both returned error message saying:

unable to connect to Operation timed out

I cannot figure out what is happening here, I tried the Android Studio plugin ADB WIFI, which returned the same message, operation timed out. I restarted everything, tried connecting with a different cable and all, nothing worked.

Does anyone know what's happening here?

Answer Source

So after a huge number of trials, I think the problem is somehow wifi related, I think this feature does not work well with WPA2 (or any kind of?) Enterprise encryption, because I was using my school Wifi, and it turned out to be okay, up and running, for the hotspot I set up with another laptop.

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