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Javascript Question

javascript regex to add line break after period

Im trying to use a regex in javascript to add a line break after every sentence to json data that is being formatted as an html variable.

Locating it based just on the period wasnt working -- there seemed to be extra characters in the json data or something else that was causing line breaks every 3 or 4 words.

So Im trying to search for a period with the look-ahead for a capital letter. But this is adding the line break before every capital letter, not just ones that follow a period.

Im pretty new to regular expressions so any help would be very very helpful!

Right now the search parameter for the period followed by a capital letter is:


The javascript is:
description.replace(/.(?=[A-Z])/g, '<br /><br />');

Answer Source

Couple of issues. First . in RegExp means, "any character". Second, I don't think you need the ?=. I think you're probably looking for something like this:

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