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Javascript Question

Javascript: Empty html div contents after Window.print()

On button click, I'm using

of javascript for printing

But because of some security issue, i wanted to avoid the multiple printing (like using Cntrl + P) options, So i was thinking of to clear
contents, that users can't re-print again and again.

Rough Code here,

document.getElementById("print_div").innerHTML = //Some contents to be printed on paper.
document.getElementById("print_div").innerHTML = '' // Clearing old contents to avoid mis-use

But this code not working at all, its clearing
contents before creating print preview like in chrome.(i guessed, working Asynchronously)

Could any one tell me, where am doing wrong here?

Note: Am using
Chrome: 22.0.1229.92 m
to test my code & i want to go for chrome only.

Answer Source

You are printing in the print_div and in next step you are clearing the same. Therefore it shows empty. You can store printing data in a variable. Then display it in the print_div and you can clear the variable.

var print = "";
print += "<p>Something </p><br/>";
print += "<table><tr><td>Something</td><td>Something</td></tr> 
                <tr><td>Something</td><td>Something</td></tr> </table>";
document.getElementById("print_div").innerHTML = print;
print = "";

something like this. Set this javascript to button onsubmit event.

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