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Wait unit an event is raised

I'm trying to make a code that waits until an event is raised. I used the answer in this answer page for Tcp communication. The

will be raised when a packet is received.

Private Sub FooBar()
'Send some Tcp Message here`

'Wait until a reply is received here

'Execute some code when reply is received

End Sub

This is code Sends the filename and what's the file for. It lacks of file existence checking

Private Sub Button3_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
Dim t = New Thread(AddressOf SendFile)
Dim f = New FileAndData
f.FileList = SlideShowItems
f.FileType = "tempSlideShowImage"
End Sub

Private Sub SendFile(obj As Object)
Dim fD = CType(obj, FileAndData)
For Each item In fD.FileList.Items
Dim fileIn As New FileStream(item, FileMode.Open)
Const chunkSize = 10485760

Dim messageFileNamePkt As New TcpMessagePacket(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(Path.GetFileName(item)), TcpMessagePacket.PacketHeader.Filename)
messageFileNamePkt.Send(_etcClient.Client) 'Send file name

Dim messageFiletype As New TcpMessagePacket(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(fD.FileType), TcpMessagePacket.PacketHeader.Filetype)
messageFiletype.Send(_etcClient.Client) 'Send file type

'Wait here for reply if for file existence

While fileIn.Position < fileIn.Length
Dim bytes(chunkSize) As Byte
If fileIn.Length - fileIn.Position < bytes.Length Then
ReDim bytes(fileIn.Length - fileIn.Position - 1)
End If
fileIn.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length)

Dim messageFilePkt As New TcpMessagePacket(bytes, TcpMessagePacket.PacketHeader.FileData)
messageFilePkt.Send(_etcClient.Client) 'Send file chunks

End While

Dim messageFileEnd As New TcpMessagePacket(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(""), TcpMessagePacket.PacketHeader.TransferComplete)
messageFileEnd.Send(_etcClient.Client) 'Send transfer complete

End Sub

Public Class FileAndData
Public FileList As ListBox
Public FileType As String
End Class

And this is the handler for the reply

Private Sub Client_PacketReceived(sender As Object, e As ExtendedTcpClient.PacketReceivedEventArgs) Handles _etcClient.PacketReceived
End Sub

Answer Source

Use ManualResetEvent. Ex.

Imports System.Threading
Module Module1
    Private ReadOnly WaitEvent As New ManualResetEvent(True)
    Sub Main()
        For i = 1 To 100
            WaitEvent.WaitOne() 'This is like a door. It's open because of ManualResetEvent(True)
            If i = 50 Then
                WaitEvent.Reset() 'This closes the door
            End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub SetTheEventWhenCalled()
        WaitEvent.Set() 'This on the other hand, Opens the door
    End Sub
End Module
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