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How to close rmiregistry running on particular port?

I am working on Java RMI. I am having little issue with running my rmiregistry on port 2028 as I allready used that one to run my test program. I can run my program using other port but I would like to know, How we can close rmiregistry running on perticular port ?

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If you want to do this in programming, we do something like:

// create the registry
Registry rmiRegistry = LocateRegistry.createRegistry(port);
// connect to it
JMXConnectorServer connector =
        new HashMap<String, Object>(),
// do stuff with it ...

// close the connection
if (connector != null) {
// deregister the registry
if (rmiRegistry != null) {
    UnicastRemoteObject.unexportObject(rmiRegistry, true);

Here's the full code for our JMXServer class. We have problems creating 2 of these and completely unregistering them so we make sure to run our unit tests on different ports.

I use this code in my SimpleJmx JMX client/service package.

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