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AngularJS Question

Using promise chaining in resolve feature of $routeProvider

One of my variables in resolve method has dependency of another variable, is it possible to share same promise among variables in resolve method?

It seems $route.current.locals stores the resolved variables, however when var2 is processed, $route.current.locals is null since var1 is not resolved yet. What I'm trying to is something like this:

$routeProvider.when('/report/:ruleId', { resolve: {
var1: ['$route', 'service', function ($route, service) {
return service.getRequest();
var2: ['$route', 'service', function ($route, service) {
return service.getAnotherRequest($route.current.locals.var1.id);

Answer Source

I hope this will work:

$routeProvider.when('/report/:ruleId', { resolve: {
    vars: ['$route', 'service','$q' function ($route, service) {
        var defer = $q.defer(),
        data = [];

        return defer.promise;


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