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C# Question

Create page break using OpenXml

I use OpenXml to create Word document with simple text and some tables under this text. How can I force Paragraph with this text to show always on new page? Maybe this paragraph should be some Header but I'm not sure how to do this.



You can create a page break within a Run element using the <w:br> element. In raw OpenXML, it would look something like:

    <w:br w:type="page" />

If you're using the OpenXml SDK, you can use

new Paragraph(
  new Run(
    new Break(){ Type = BreakValues.Page }));


If you just want to specify that a paragraph is the last thing on a page, you can try the <w:lastRenderedPageBreak /> tag.

new Paragraph(
   new Run(
      new LastRenderedPageBreak(),
      new Text("Last text on the page")));