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Cron xdotool doesn't run

I am new to using crontab, and I've been trying to get a simple cron job.
I want press F5 every 1 minute to refresh Mozzila Firefox. I am using xdotool for press F5.
I have script /usr/local/bin/

xdotool search --name "Mozilla Firefox" key F5

If i run it in command line it works fine. And permission:

-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 89 15. čec 10.32

In crontab i have:

*/1 * * * * cd /usr/local/bin && sh

But script run by cron doesnt work.
Can anyone tell me what i do wrong?

Answer Source

The xdotool command is automation tool for X11 which allows you simulate keyboard/mouse input, but since crontab is run independently, it's required to define DISPLAY variable to specify which X Window System display server to use. Normally when you're login to the desktop this variable is assigned automatically, but crontab is running jobs in isolated environment (doesn't have even a tty associated), especially when you run commands via root account.

So in short, you should do define your job like:

*/1 * * * * DISPLAY=:0 /usr/local/bin/

Or you can define variables at the beginning of the file (in case of Vixie cron). See: Variables in crontab?

Also make sure the user which is running the job has granted access to the selected X display. If you need to grant the access, you need to assign the permission via xhost and setfacl commands and specify extra XAUTHORITY variable, see: Xdotool using “DISPLAY=:0” for more details.

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