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How to select multiple places (sublime) in code in Android Studio?

How to select multiple places in code in Android Studio ?

I want to insert the same text in multiple places in my source code. Like a have more than one mouse cursor. I used to do it in VS2012 so easily though not sure how to do it in Android Studio ?

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I found how and lets share this cool feature with you. I found three cool features:

1- For multiple selection just hold alt+shift then select whenever you want to change by mouse click then type some thing you can write at multiple places at the same time.

2- Another cool feature is column selection. This lets you to click in a great manner and greatly of help especcially when you are refactoring.

In most systems it works with holing middleMouseButton and draging over your code and in others it works by holding alt and selecting code it acts like below :O

It selects like this

3- the third cool feature is sublime selection it finds the same word in code and let you change that or append that easily. you can do that by pressing alt+j in windows/linux and ctrl+g in mac. Look how it works:

its great for refactoring

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