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Python Question

Find min value in array > 0

I am looking to find the lowest positive value in an array and its position in the list. If a value within the list is duplicated, only the FIRST instance is of interest. This is what I have which does what I want but includes 0.

print "Position:", myArray.index(min(myArray))
print "Value:", min(myArray)

for example, as it stands if,

myArray = [4, 8, 0, 1, 5]

then Position: 2, Value: 0

I want it to present position: 3, value: 1

Answer Source

You can use a generator expression with min. This will set m as the minimum value in a that is greater than 0. It then uses list.index to find the index of the first time this value appears.

a = [4, 8, 0, 1, 5]

m = min(i for i in a if i > 0)

print("Position:", a.index(m))
print("Value:", m)
# Position: 3
# Value: 1
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