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React native: children view cannot go beyond parent view on Android but it is working on iOS

I have encountered a problem porting my app from iOS to android. I have built a minimal bug case with which it can be reproduced.

My app is very simple and consists of one component:

const Main = () => (
<View style= {}>
<View style={}/>

export default Main;

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
green: {
marginTop: 200,
backgroundColor: 'green',
height: 100,
width: 100,
top: -50,
backgroundColor: 'blue',

But strangely this component renders differently on iOS and Android


render ios


render android

I would like it to render like on iOS on both devices. You can check code on this repo to easily reproduce it.

Thank you!

Answer Source

In Android overflow property defaults to 'hidden' and cannot be changed.

From 0.23 known issues, apparently isn't fixed yet.

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