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Javascript Question

How can I format an integer to a specific length in javascript?

I have a number in Javascript, that I know is less than 10000 and also non-negative. I want to display it as a four-digit number, with leading zeroes. Is there anything more elegant than the following?

if(num<10) num="000"+num;
else if(num<100) num="00"+num;
else if(num<1000) num="0"+num;

I want something that is built into Javascript, but I can't seem to find anything.

Answer Source

I don't think there's anything "built" into the JavaScript language for doing this. Here's a simple function that does this:

function FormatNumberLength(num, length) {
    var r = "" + num;
    while (r.length < length) {
        r = "0" + r;
    return r;

FormatNumberLength(10000, 5) outputs '10000'
FormatNumberLength(1000, 5)  outputs '01000'
FormatNumberLength(100, 5)   outputs '00100'
FormatNumberLength(10, 5)    outputs '00010'
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