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Does levelDB still corrupt data?

I am writing a small NodeJS app, where I need a DB of some sort. LevelDB (LevelUP) and NeDB seams to be the most popular, so which to choose...

According to Wikipedia on 18th Nov. 2016, LevelDB often corrupt data.

LevelDB is widely noted for being unreliable and databases it manages
are prone to corruption.[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20] Academic
studies of past versions of LevelDB[21][22] have found that, under
some file systems, the data stored in those versions of LevelDB might
become inconsistent after a system crash or power failure. LevelDB
corruption is so commonplace that corruption detection has to be built
in to applications that use it.[23]


Is this a thing from the past and is not an issue anymore?

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LevelDB is still notorious for unreliability and prone to corruption. There are quite some issues still which need to be addressed.

NeDB seems like a better option IMO.

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