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iOS Question

Looking for a list of all available languages in iOS

I've been searching the net, but I don't seem to be able to find a comprehensive list of all languages available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad mobile devices (one list for all, or separate lists if different)

When I go thru the selection on my iPhone with

Settings > General > International > Language
I recognise most of them, but not all. For example there seems to be 33 different languages in iOS 4.2.1

Can someone please help pointing me to a list ? Or perhaps how to make one myself.

Answer Source

There is no definite published list (as far as I know), for the simple reason that the locales list might change even in minor version updates.

The closes you get to such list is the Language Support section of the iPhone technical specs:
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 2 is actually missing this section

If you want the definitive list of languages and locales supported by specific iOS version, you should write a simple program that uses NSLocale::availableLocaleIdentifiers to obtain the list, and NSLocale::componentsFromLocaleIdentifier: to extract the canonical codes (or the corresponding CFLocale).

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