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Java Question

How to update the JHipster project after updating JHipster generator?

I updated my JHipster installation as per this page by running the command

npm update -g generator-jhipster

But to update my application I am not sure where should I run the next command
yo jhipster

I tried running it from the root of existing project, but it asked me to enter the name of the new project.

Jhipster console

I tried running it at one level above the root of existing project, then also it asked me the name of the new project. But this time I entered the same name and the jhipster generation process ran. However there was no change in any of the major files like package.json or Gruntfile.js or bower.json

What is the correct way to update a JHipster project, once the JHipster generator is updated?

Answer Source

JHipster developers replied over twitter saying that yo jhipster has to be executed at the project root folder.

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