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Objective-C Question

performSegue:withSender: sender object

Just wondering about the sender object.

I know that you can access it in the method

but is it available at all in the next

i.e. in the
could I access a
object or something?

I haven't ever seen this in documentation I just thought it might be useful.


I'm not asking how to perform a segue or find a segue or anything like this.

Say I have two view controllers (VCA and VCB).

There is a segue from VCA to VCB with the identifier "segue".

In VCA I run...

[self performSegueWithIdentifier:@"segue" sender:@"Hello world"];

My question is can I access the @"Hello world" string from VCB or is it only available in the
method inside VCA?

i.e. can I access the segue sender object from the destination controller?

Answer Source

So the answer is "No".

Thanks for the help.

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