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C# Question

Convert Array of Strings to Comma Separated String with additional concatenation

Is there any way to convert a list of strings to a comma-separated string?

String[] data = new String[] { "test", "abc", "123" }

Convert into:

'test', 'abc', '123'

Possible solutions:

  1. Surround every string with
    and then use
    on the list.

  2. Foreach
    each string in the list and do the concatenation of
    and in the end remove last

Is there any simple Linq (one line expression) to do both?

Answer Source

Is there any simple Linq (one line expression) to do both.

string.Join(",", data.Select(item => "'" + item + "'"))

Basics of Linq: Transforms are Select statements. Filters are Where statements.

That said, there are a lot of string manipulation tools available that aren't Linq, and they're more likely to be optimized for strings, so I'd always look to them before looking to Linq.

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