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Mercadolibre API

I'm working with the MercadoLibre API, and I have an issue to directly get the new item id from mercadolibre (

If I repost an item I can get the new id without any problems, but if the repost is directly made by Mercadolibre then I'm unable to get the new id from the republished item. I was thinking to search for it by name, then filter it by seller but I'd like to know if there is any other way to directly manage this from the MercadoLibre Api

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To the item that is finalized mercadolibre they call it father item, and the new republication would be the son. There is no way to identify a child from a parent. If you have a way to do it backwards, that is, in the child item you have the field parent_item_id that would be the parent ID that was finalized.

You have to keep in mind that if the field seller_custom_field is completed to add a SKU to the item, the same field is maintained for the child item, they can use it as a guide. A resource that can be useful:{item_id}&attributes=parent_item_id,id

PD: By mercadolibre team

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