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Java Question

Getting Error Loading javai.dll in VuGen of HP Load Runner

When I'm trying to compile a simple script in HP load runner's VuGen.
It is failing to start the JVM with following error:

Java VM Internal Error: Getting Error Loading javai.dll

I'm using

  • HP LoadRunner version 12.5

  • Java version: 1.8.0

  • JAVA_HOME and PATH variables are properly set - jvm found

  • OS: Windows Server 2012r2 (64bit) running on a VM

I'm able to compile and run the normal java programs on the same machine.

What is this javai.dll? and Why is the JVM trying to load it when it is being triggered from HP Load Runner?
There are not more options to configure in Load Runner to manage this.

Answer Source

Java 8 is not supported by LoadRunner 12.50. Please consider upgrading to the version 12.53. You can also use the Product Availability Matrices to check if some technology is supported by a particular LoadRunner version.

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