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Python Question

How to setup an interactive Python environment so that you can compile function/variable one by one or as a whole?

I want to setup an python environment so that I can open python session on the on one side and a python file on the other side, and when I update a function or variable, I can re-compile it to the terminal to reflect the change. Something like:enter image description here

I use mac and I would like to stick with vim for python development.

I guess the thing on the left is ipython terminal?

Thanks for anyone who can point me to the right place or show me how!

Answer Source

First step, find the author's GitHub account:


Second step, find the author's vimrc:


Third step, find a hint:


Fourth step, find that tool:


Fifth step, read the README.

Sixth step, if the README seems promising, install the tool and configure it.

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