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R studio test doing analysis

Bascially I want to do a chi square test on a file called output9.csv. There are two columns in the file, I want to pick one of them to do the grubbs analysis on.

1) How do I read the output9.csv into my Rstudio?

2) Do i need to install any packages?

This is what I have so far:

d <- read.csv('data.csv')
bytes <- d$Bytes
n outlier

So for this part, what should be inside my bracket,i.e. output9.csv?


Answer Source

From the documentation of chisq.out.test, you can utilize it to find the one outlier of your data considering that you also give the variance. By default, chisq.out.test finds the value with the largest difference from the mean. If the parameter opposite is set to TRUE then the test will go ahead and find the lowest one.

d <- read.csv('data.csv')
test1 <- chisq.out.test(d$Bytes, variance = var(d$Bytes))

#or for opposite

test2 <- chisq.out.test(d$Bytes, variance = var(d$Bytes), opposite = TRUE)
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