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Node.js Question

Output all licenses of installed node.js libraries

Is there an option in npm (or other tool) to print all used licenses?
I have a project and I want to make sure I don't use a library which is under a license I can't use.

EDIT: Found out that many developers don't include the license in the package.json, so I had to find out manually using "npm docs package-name"

Answer Source
cd {project}/node_modules
ls | sed 's/$/\/package.json/' | xargs grep '"license[s]*"' -A 3

Could use some improvement, but it works (at least on osx, should work on linux, no idea about windows). You should see something like:

grunt/package.json:  "licenses": [
grunt/package.json-    {
grunt/package.json-      "type": "MIT",
grunt/package.json-      "url": "http://github.com/gruntjs/grunt/blob/master/LICENSE-MIT"
grunt-contrib-concat/package.json:  "licenses": [
grunt-contrib-concat/package.json-    {
grunt-contrib-concat/package.json-      "type": "MIT",
grunt-contrib-concat/package.json-      "url": "https://github.com/gruntjs/grunt-contrib-concat/blob/master/LICENSE-MIT"


If you wish to see the name of all modules, even those nested inside other modules, the following works (cred to @robertklep, slightly modified to still work when inside the node_modules directory):

find * -name package.json | xargs grep '"license[s]*"' -A 3
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