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How to remove value from FormData

Here is a way to

file to

var data = new FormData();
jQuery.each($('#file')[0].files, function(i, file) {
data.append('file-'+i, file);

is it possible to do as below ?

or data[i] = file;??

how iIcan remove or modify a value from

Answer Source

You cannot do anything other than append items to a FormData object. See the Spec. It would be better if you use a dictionary/object to store all the values you want to add/modify before you actually construct the object.

var data = {};
jQuery.each($('#file')[0].files, function(i, file) {
  data['file-'+i] = file;

//modify the object however you want to here

var formData = new FormData();
for (var key in data) {
  formData.append(key, data[key]);
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