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What is the definition of the "Apple Music API"?

I'm trying to understand the App Store Review Guidelines around the Apple Music API. However, I can't seem to find a definition for the Apple Music API, and in particular how far it extends (i.e. how much of the entire API does it encompass?).

On this iTune Affiliate Resource page it is suggested that the Apple Music API is a combination of:

  • SKCloudServiceController

  • MPMediaLibrary

  • MPMusicPlayerController

Is this truly the definition of the Apple Music API? And in which case, if you use any of the frameworks listed above are you technically using the Apple Music API?

To put some context, I'm planning to build a music player that utilises a device's local library only. Is there a way of building such an iOS music player app and avoid using the Apple Music API?

Answer Source

The point of the language you quote in your comment is merely that you must not try to do what Apple is already doing, i.e. make money by getting the user to subscribe to or access Apple Music (the online streaming service) through you rather than Apple. You aren't going to do that, so don't worry about it.

EDIT I'll give you an example of what Apple is saying you cannot do. Let's say you have an app that plays music from the user's library, and that you differentiate: you say, to play your music is free, but play Apple Music songs will cost you an extra dollar of in-app payment. That would be a violation of the rules.

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