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Sort JTable Except for Last Row

I have a

where the last row is the total row that aggregates all other rows. When the user clicks a column header on the table, rows are sorted by that column, except for the total row which should be always at bottom.

Is there a simple way to implement this with

Das Das
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The following solution worked for me....

In your table model update the getRowCount() member to return 1 row less than required.

Then modify the index and row counts reported by your sorter as follows...

TableRowSorter<TableModel> sorter =
    new DefaultTableRowSorter<TableModel>(this.getModel()) 
    public int convertRowIndexToModel(int index)
        int maxRow = super.getViewRowCount();
        if (index >= maxRow)
            return index;
        return super.convertRowIndexToModel(index);

    public int convertRowIndexToView(int index) 
        int maxRow = super.getModelRowCount();
        if (index > maxRow)
            return index;
        return super.convertRowIndexToView(index);

    public int getViewRowCount() 
        return super.getViewRowCount() + 1;

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