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How to set up Flow type declarations - lint up with error "not defined"?

I just got started with typed JS and currently am just exporting/importing my types around. After looking a few things up, I think the proper solution seems to be the idea of "declarations".

After reading [], I attempted the ".flowconfig"-style.


declare type Post = {
feed: Connection,

declare type Connection = {
edges: Array<Edge>,
pageInfo: PageInfo,

declare type Edge = {
cursor: number,
node: Node,

declare type PageInfo = {
endCursor: number,
hasNextPage: boolean,

declare type Node = {
id: string,
createdAt: number,

Then I added the
directory to my



However all of the types lint up with error not defined e.g. 'Connection' is not defined.

Is there something I missed?

Answer Source

Since you are using ESLint, you need to add the eslint-plugin-flowtype extension and minimally enable the define-flow-type rule in order for ESLint to not mark Flow types as undefined.

ESLint config:

  "plugins": [
  "rules": {
    "flowtype/define-flow-type": 2
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