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Cannot call a command with multiple method arguments

Every time I attempt to use one of the basic PHPUnit Selenium assertions, the tests errors out and displays this message:

Exception: You cannot call a command with multiple method arguments.

On http://phpunit.de/manual/3.7/en/selenium.html, it shows the usage to be:

void assertElementValueEquals(string $locator, string $text)

Be when I call it with

$this->assertElementValueEquals( 'id=date_1_formatted', '2013-01-01' );

the test produces the above error every time even though this same format seems to be working for others such as in the question Using PHPUnit with Selenium, how can I test that an element contains exactly something?


assertElementValueEquals is not implemented in Selenium2TestCase. On your link it mentioned for SeleniumTestCase (Selenium RC version).

Moreover, you used correct structure with $this->byXPath like here https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit-selenium/blob/master/Tests/Selenium2TestCaseTest.php

Also you can use $this->byId():

$element = $this->byId('date_1_formatted');
$this->assertEquals('2013-01-01', $element->value());

P. S.: If you are familiar with Selenium IDE, you can try this command line tool.