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Python Question

Python svgwrite module background color

I am using the svgwrite module in my Python code and I would like to set a background color. So far I have not been able to find anything. Is there a way to do it?

I was hoping for something during the initialization:

import svgwrite

canvas = svgwrite.drawing.Drawing(fill="#225566") # or background="#225566", or sth similar

Or I could probably draw rectangle all over the place, but that's just weird.

Answer Source

It seems that svg itself does not define how to set the background colour. For svgwrite I use this:

svg_size_width = 900
svg_size_height = 4500
dwg = svgwrite.Drawing(name, (svg_size_width, svg_size_height), debug=True)
dwg.add(dwg.rect(insert=(0, 0), size=('100%', '100%'), rx=None, ry=None, fill='rgb(50,50,50)'))
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