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Firebase Crash Reporting console - How to use open/closed filter?

I have an Android app that has incorporated Firebase crash reporting.

When I view the crashes in the console, there's a filter option for the "clusters". It's set to 'open' in the image below.enter image description here

When set to open, I see all the clusters. When set to closed, I don't see any clusters whatsoever. When and how can a cluster become closed? What does it mean for a cluster to be open or closed? I'm assuming it's a means of marking the issue resolved.

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The Open/Closed feature is a way for you the developer to mark a particular issue as "open" or "closed." In other words it allows you to mark a crash as fixed so that you can filter out issues that you have already addressed.

To mark a cluster as closed, click the three dots on the far right of the row that appear when hovering over the row, then click "close cluster."

Menu button on right side of row while hovering

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