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Python - plotly - combine bubble and choropleth map

In the answer to this question R - plotly - combine bubble and chorpleth map, it was described nicely how to combine bubble and choropleth map within one map in plotly. I would like to replicate exactly the same example in Python, however I did not manage based on the information provided in the plotly documentation (https://plot.ly/python/reference/).

The equivalent R code reads as follows:

lon = c(-73.9865812, -118.2427266, -87.6244212, -95.3676974)
pop = c(8287238, 3826423, 2705627, 2129784)
df_cities = data.frame(cities, lat, lon, pop)

state_codes = c("NY", "CA", "IL", "TX")
pop = c(19746227.0, 38802500.0, 12880580.0, 26956958.0)
df_states = data.frame(state_codes, pop)

plot_ly(df_cities, lon=lon, lat=lat,
text=paste0(df_cities$cities,'<br>Population: ', df_cities$pop),
marker= list(size = sqrt(pop/10000) + 1), type="scattergeo",
filename="stackoverflow/choropleth+scattergeo") %>%
text=paste0(df_states$state_codes, '<br>Population: ', df_states$pop),
colors = 'Purples',
locationmode="USA-states") %>%
layout(geo = list(scope="usa"))

How can this be implemented in Python?

Answer Source

Simply append .py to the graph's URL (e.g. https://plot.ly/~RPlotBot/1735.py) to see corresponding python code.

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