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iOS Question

Find a value in NSArray [json]

I have an array of json objects like this:

array : (
expiryDate = "2016-04-22T00:00:00Z";
id = "4dad2aeb-efa3-45ca-8d1a-7382851c56d7";
name = "demo1";
value = 200;
expiryDate = "2016-06-20T00:00:00Z";
id = "28e0df69-3e8f-413d-a6c6-3d4cdad544f9";
name = "Demo 2";
value = 200;
expiryDate = "2016-06-19T00:00:00Z";
id = "2e1f452e-ba53-4d4c-a4fa-e15442057b8b";
name = "demo3";
value = 214;

and I have a string
string = 2e1f452e-ba53-4d4c-a4fa-e15442057b8b

I have to check wether the
is present in
or not. I am thinking to convert array into dictionary and do searching. Please help me in this part.

Answer Source

Suppose your NSArray is array. Use below lines of code.

 BOOL flag= [array valueForKey:@"id"] containsObject: @"2e1f452e-ba53-4d4c-a4fa-e15442057b8b"];
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