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Minute duration differentiation javascript

suppose I have this variable date in hour : minute : second format

var time1 = "12:34:19 PM"
var time2 = "12:29:25 PM"

How I get the differentiate (duration) from time1 and time2? And how we change it into date format to do diff process?

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you can convert the time new Date() just prepend a date before it and

get their timestamp using getTime() and subtract them

var duration = new Date('datetime1').getTime() - new Date('datetime2').getTime()

since the timestamp is 1000 times than the result total seconds divide it by 1000

var duration = durantion/1000;

and I just create a function that format the seconds properly to makes it looks like a valid duration time

var time1 = "2016-11-02 12:34:19 PM"
var time2 = "2016-11-02 12:29:25 PM"

time1 = new Date(time1 ).getTime();
time2 = new Date(time2 ).getTime();
var duration = (time1 - time2) / 1000;

function formatTime(seconds) {
  var minutes = Math.floor(((seconds/3600)%1)*60);
  minutes = (minutes < 10) ? '0'+minutes : minutes;
  var seconds = Math.round(((seconds/60)%1)*60);
  seconds = (seconds < 10) ? '0'+seconds : seconds;
  return minutes+':'+seconds;

console.log('Duration: ' + formatTime(duration)+' secs')

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