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Unable to Archive Xcode Project: No such file or directory

So I am trying to Archive my Xcode project to upload to the app store however I am getting the following error;

PBXp Error

No such file or directory

I have tried;

  • Deleting Derived Data

  • Build and Run Bundle

  • Changing Project/Build Settings "Strip Debug Symbols During Copy" to Yes

  • Editing Bundle Schema and adding framework

Does anybody have any ideas why this is happening & how to resolve ?


The files are shown as missing when dragging and dropping the project into my project;

enter image description here

I am unable to run the project without the PBXp error until I run each target individually. Then the project runs fine.

However It is still an issue when archiving.

Answer Source

The problem is probably that the Ensembles.bundle is not being built in your Release build for archiving.

Add Ensembles Resources iOS as a dependency of your own app. That will ensure it builds before your app, including the Release build. You set that in the Build Phases tab of your app's target.

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