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Apache Configuration Question

Session timeout in Spring Boot app behind Apache

My app uses Spring Boot and I want the user sessions timeout to be 12h.
I put the server.session.timeout=43200 in my but the session is still expiring long before the 12 hours.

The app runs in a Tomcat 7 instance behind an Apache server. Do I need to do any extra configuration in the container or server?

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Those properties (server.*) only work if SpringBoot is controlling Tomcat (i.e. SpringBoot with an embedded Tomcat deployed as an executable JAR), rather than when deploying it as a WAR into an existing Tomcat instance.

So you'll need to configure the session timeout in one of the 'old' ways: e.g.

Through Tomcat: default session timeout for Apache Tomcat applications

Through Spring Security: Setting session timeout period with Spring Security 3.0

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