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Ruby Question

How to upload a file to mediafire with Ruby?

I'm searching along months (maybe 1 year) a way to upload a file to mediafire.

I know mediafire use flash, I know mediafire API is so private...

But I know too a program called "File&Image uploader" that can upload files to mediafire (HOW?!)

my knowledge about networks are very, VERY basics, but i could make a Ruby script to upload images to Imageshack using the API and the "rest_client" gem, so maybe... i can do the same for mediafire... (With help)

I tried all... ALL!:
curl, wget, wput, ssl, ruby example scripts, python example scripts, perl example scripts, and a lot of unuseful CLI apps for linux and windows that I don't remember the name now...

After all, at the moment i don't know the method to upload a file to mediafire.

Well, at this point, My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to upload a file (no matter if in my account or in "free" mode) to mediafire, using ruby or python? And anyone could give me a brief example or tell me the easiest way?

  2. If not possible to mediafire, could you tell me a FREE and GOOD server (I mean without re-captcha) with ability to upload a file using the rest_client gem ? (or another easy way)

Answer Source

So, I'm sure this answer won't be optimal to what the writer desires, but here goes anyhow.

If you want to upload files with media content you should really be taking a look at Amazon's S3 API.


Yes, you may have to pay at a certain point, but the free point on S3 will equal or exceed the free point on mediafire.

The difference is, that on every level S3 is a better delivery method for your media files, and if you're attempting to abuse free offers you will have an equally frustrating time everywhere

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