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MySQL Question

How to see progress of .csv upload in MySQL

I have a very large .csv file, and I'm loading it into mysql with the LOAD DATA INFILE command. Because it takes so long, I'd like to see how far along the upload has progressed.

I've tried 2 methods so far-
First I simply did a SELECT COUNT(*) command to see how many rows had been inserted as the upload was in progress, but that always returns a count of 0.

Second, I tried SHOW PROCESSLIST and saw simply how long the query has been running. sometimes the status says 'freeing data' or something to that effect.

Does anyone know a good way to track the progress of a LOAD DATA INFILE command? Also, does anyone know how to track the insertion rate?


Answer Source

From http://www.stephenchu.com/2008/12/speed-up-your-mysql-data-load.html, you can use the SHOW INNODB STATUS IF your table is Innodb type, which you didn't happen to mention.

The page I linked to also has some good tuning suggestions to improve your overall performance with loading data in this manner.

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