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Simple REST API Call from logic app - Azure

First of all I want you to know that I am new to Azure.

Recently, I am trying to work on Azure Logic App.

My motive is to make a simple REST API Call from the HTTP API (from Microsoft) and mail the response JSON via Office 365 connector.

Here is my code:

"triggers": {
"http": {
"recurrence": {
"frequency": "Day",
"interval": 1
"type": "Http",
"inputs": {
"method": "POST",
"headers": {
"Content-Type": "application/json"
"uri": "http://xxx/wcf/myrestservice.svc/is_online"
"actions": {
"office365connector": {
"type": "ApiApp",
"inputs": {
"apiVersion": "2015-01-14",
"host": {
"id": "/subscriptions/xxx/resourcegroups/resourcegroup1/providers/Microsoft.AppService/apiapps/office365connector",
"gateway": ""
"operation": "SendMail",
"parameters": {
"message": {
"To": "",
"Subject": "My Service Status",
"Importance": "High",
"Body": "Hi @{triggers().outputs.body.Is_OnlineResult}"
"authentication": {
"type": "Raw",
"scheme": "Zumo",
"parameter": "@parameters('/subscriptions/xxx/resourcegroups/resourcegroup1/providers/Microsoft.AppService/apiapps/office365connector/token')"
"conditions": []
"outputs": {}

I am wondering, how could I get the response of the HTTP call?

Then I want to send the same in the mail body.

Please correct me if I am going in wrong direction. Any response from you will be very helpful to me.

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Have you tried using "Content"?